CE marking concerning for the Construction Product (No.305/2011/EU-CPR) including wallpapers, insulation, flooring, fibers, window and door, Geotextile, pigments, etc
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Training - Transferring expert knowledge

An active training policy is a fundamental issue for all business enterprises. 
The training services provided by Smart build upon the skills gained from many years of experience in these areas, working with a broad range of clients, in both the development and certification of such systems. This has generated an in-depth knowledge of the problems faced by our clients and has enabled to us to focus training requirements on the real issues faced by organisations today. 

Training is designed to enable organizations to:
1、Inspire, motivate and lead teams towards producing efficient and effective business management solutions 
2、Align and integrate the Quality, Environment, and/or Health and Safety Management Systems into a single business management system 
3、 Obtain genuine benefits from their business 
Reaching For New Dimensions

The end often marks the beginning. To ensure that your organization can master the claims it is facing and that the steps into the future are even easier for you we are making you an offer.
Namely, that what your company has been aiming for with the Certification of your products and management systems is not only implemented and realized in the day-to-day operations but also surpassed and developed to Business Excellence levels.
Process Re-engineering is only workable with concepts leading to measurable bottom line results, and executable steps which are practical and traceable.

You want to see
* that Quality is understood on a higher and comprehensive level reaching Business Excellence
* that material and resources are not further wasted
* that the defect rate is significantly reduced
* that your operations are managed cost efficiently
* that your employees potential is continuously developed
* that relationships with your customers are long lasting

A lot of individual steps are necessary to reach these goals. Our interdisciplinary teams are analyzing your present processes and accompanying innovations in order to reach a higher transparency for potentials and risks.
As part of a worldwide service provider we partner with our clients when Education & Training matters 
Tel: +86 25 8658 3475