CE marking concerning for the Construction Product (No.305/2011/EU-CPR) including wallpapers, insulation, flooring, fibers, window and door, Geotextile, pigments, etc
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Orientate product quality, improve intrinsic value
The foundation for make sure the good service and the credit standing of the product: planning, producing and sale the certain quality products. For different level people, It always be different concept for the product quality, therefore, there are many different quality level requirement for the different markets and customers.  Applicability, it would be the starting to set a certain product quality. In the low quality level, it only need to follow-up the bottom line of the directive, technical safety regulation and the related technical standards. In the middle level, the product quality level would be a major different from the low level, the requirement for the products' technical parameter and usage are much higher from the low one. While in the high quality level, all of the related directive, regulation, standards are would be the most restrict from other levels.  

Apparently, “reliable, safety and green for environment”, they are parts of the product quality, it has been included the conformity. It need to think about all the related factors, such as safety, applicable, protect the environment, ethic and target group and the value of the markets, and quality of life, etc.
In this complicated field, Smart could offer a full solve solution, professional risk evaluation, we are not just a reliable friends, but also together with you to make sure your products are comply with safety, green of the environment and final improve the product quality. 
Evaluation based on the safety: 
From the view of safety evaluation, we could do a series analysis for the physical character, evaluate the reliable and safety function, test product quality in which level, to adjust the classification of the safety, improve the intrinsic value.
The evaluation based on the green of the environment: 
The advantage for the green of the evaluation would be: avoid or control the foe material would be use in the production, from the pertinence testing and evaluation, improve enterprise's consciousness of protect the environment in order to make sure the product quality, then to protect the manufactory would not take the risk in the international business deals.

Tel: +86 25 8658 3475