CE marking concerning for the Construction Product (No.305/2011/EU-CPR) including wallpapers, insulation, flooring, fibers, window and door, Geotextile, pigments, etc
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NF Mark
Published:2009-7-15 11:47:18   Read:3092

About NF mark
What’s NF Mark
More than just standards

The NF mark is a collective certification mark. It guarantees the quality and safety of the products and services certified. The NF mark guarantees compliance not only with current standards, but also with additional quality criteria that meet consumers' needs.
Why buy NF
Quality and Safety
The NF mark guarantees the quality and safety of the products and services that you buy.
Everything is checked
The products and their production sites as well as NF services are regularly checked. This is to ensure that you receive a constant level of quality
The choice is yours
Nothing and nobody forces manufacturers or service providers to request the NF mark. By the same token, you are free whether or not to choose an NF certified product or service.
Why request NF mark
With the NF brand you can:

Set yourself apart from your competitors.
Increase your customers' confidence in your company.
Highlight your professionalism and know-how.
Reinforce your brand image.
Expand your markets.
The NF mark will help you to improve quality within your company.
The NF mark offers impartial proof of the quality and high performance of your products and services. With a 90% awareness rate, the NF mark is te leading product certification mark in France. It is also well known in Europe. You may already be using NF products without even realising it… 
Reference System of NF mark
French, European or international standards produced in collaboration with manufacturers, users, distributors, consumer associations, laboratories and public authorities,
Additional specifications relating to the product or service and the company's quality organisation, contained in certification regulations specific to each product or service. 
Issuing of NF mark

AFAQ AFNOR Certification calls on and combines the scientific and technical know-how of many general or specialist organisations, who take part in certification development and management. These organisations are known as the NF mark's network.

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