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Southwest Research Institute To Open Corrosion-Testing Facility 美国西南研究院开放腐蚀检测设施
发布日期:2021-3-15 10:57:10   阅读次数:875

Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) will open a new testing facility in April, offering standard corrosion testing for oil and gas clients. Located on the Institute’s San Antonio, Texas, campus, the facility will be used primarily to test the sulfide stress cracking resistance of carbon steel alloys for oil wells and offshore drilling applications.

西南研究院(SwRI)将于4月开设一个新的测试设施,为石油和天然气客户提供标准的腐蚀测试。该设施位于德克萨斯州 圣安东尼奥的校园研究所内,主要用于测试碳钢合金在油井和海上钻井应用中的抗硫化物应力开裂性。

“Previously, our laboratory work has been predominantly fit-for-purpose testing,” Elizabeth Trillo, one of the leaders of the project, said. “Those tests simulate an environment with specific solutions, temperatures, and pressures to evaluate materials used in specific drilling environments and determine whether they can withstand those conditions. Every test is different, but our specialty is catering to the client’s end-use need.”

该项目负责人之一Elizabeth Trillo表示:“以前,我们的实验室工作主要是针对特定用途的测试。这些测试模拟特定环境中的溶液、温度和压力,以评估特定钻井环境中使用的材料,并确定它们是否能在这些条件下使用。每项测试都是不同的,但我们专注于满足客户的最终用途需求。”

The goal of the facility is to provide cost-effective standardized testing as a part of SwRI’s comprehensive oil and gas sour corrosion testing portfolio.


“Few industries operate under such harsh conditions,” Trillo said. “For this facility, we’ll mainly be looking at carbon steel materials used as casings in downhole drilling applications with high hydrogen sulfide levels.”


In drilling, the casing is a large pipe inserted into the earth to protect the equipment and support the wellstream. It is usually held in place with cement and endures massive amounts of pressure, high temperatures, and corrosive liquids. To withstand this environment, durable, lasting materials are necessary.


The National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE International) has developed particular tests and standards for materials used in the oil and gas industry. NACE standard test methodTM0177“Laboratory Testing of Metals for Resistance to Sulfide Stress Cracking and Stress Corrosion Cracking in H2S Environments” is widely used to qualify material performance in oilfield environments.

美国国家腐蚀工程师协会(NACE International)为石油和天然气工业中使用的材料制定了特殊的测试和标准。NACE标准试验方法TM0177《金属在H2S环境中抗硫化物应力开裂和应力腐蚀开裂的实验室试验的标准测试方法》被广泛用于评价油田环境中的材料性能。

“We’ve typically designed new test methods that give us flexibility and control over individual environmental parameters,” said James Dante, manager of SwRI’s Environmental Performance of Materials Section. “This new facility will provide us with the ability to perform repetitiveTM0177, NACE Atesting in a cost-effective and repeatable manner while providing our clients with the same level of service they have experienced with more complex testing.”

SwRI材料环境性能部门经理James Dante说:“我们经常设计新的测试方法,使得能够灵活地控制各个环境参数。这个新设施将使我们能够以经济有效和可重复的方式重复执行TM0177,NACE A中的测试,同时为我们的客户提供他们在更复杂环境测试中所得到的相同服务水平。”

SwRI is in the final stages of building the laboratory, which is dedicated to theNACE Astandard test method inTM017The facility will house multiple test cells allowing triplicate samples to be run on different materials. The proof ring cell assemblies are all housed within a customized glove box with nitrogen flow to ensure oxygen levels stay below 10 parts per billion.

SwRI实验室正处于建设的最后阶段,该实验室致力于推动TM0177中的NACE A标准测试方法。该设施将包含多个测试单元,能够一式三份地对不同材料进行测试。防爆环单元组件全部安装在带有氮气流的定制手套箱内,以确保氧气水平保持在十亿分之十以下。

“Previously, a sample would be grouped with several others and might fail early on in a 30-day test,” Senior Engineering Technologist Steve Clay said. “That could be challenging, because there was no way to initiate new tests without disturbing the other samples still under test. One of the benefits of this new facility is we’re able to test samples in isolated test cells giving us the ability to change samples without disturbing other samples still under test.”


As a matter of standard practice, the team will provide photographs of any cracks that occur during testing and will also report online environmental testing conditions including temperature and oxygen content.



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